Unveil the Secret Elegance of Albert Crousse Peony – The Ultimate Garden Showstopper!

Albert Crousse Peony

An elegant bouquet of peonies in a rustic country garden.

Looking for a flower that brings both elegance and charisma to your garden? Allow us to introduce you to the distinctive Albert Crousse Peony, a late blooming variety adored for its ball-like flowers in stunning shades of pink.

Our blog will guide you through everything from the history and remarkable features of this hardy, fragrant plant, as well as tips on how best to grow it. Dive right in, because your garden is missing out on this sumptuous peony!

Key Takeaways

  • The Albert Crousse Peony is a captivating flower with a rich history and stunning characteristics, including double late-blooming flowers in shades of pink.
  • It has strong stems that support the weight of its beautiful blooms, making it ideal for both gardens and cut flower arrangements.
  • The Albert Crousse Peony offers the benefits of profuse blooming, strong stems, and a delightful fragrance.

About Albert Crousse Peony

Close-up of a vibrant blooming Albert Crousse Peony.

Albert Crousse Peony is a captivating flower with a rich history and stunning characteristics.

History and origin

Albert Crousse peonies draw their name from a person, Albert Crousse. He is the namesake for this stunning floral variety, reflecting his significant impact in the world of botany.

Though specific details about its historical origins remain shrouded in mystery, the flower’s undeniable beauty and popularity have stood not just the test of time but also various climatic conditions across different nations.

The Albert Crousse has made its way into hearts and gardens around the globe despite these challenges through unwavering resilience. Today it thrives worldwide, flourishing with regal charm on every stem.

Description of the flower

The Albert Crousse peony showcases double flowers that bloom late in the season. Compact and ball-like, their appearance grabs attention in any garden setting. A light rose-pink hue graces these blossoms, mingled with creamy tones and punctuated by a deeper pink at the center.

Each flower releases a delightful fragrance, adding another layer of allure to its already captivating visual display. Their strong stems support the abundant blooms well, making this variety not only beautiful but also robust and sturdy.

Growing characteristics

Albert Crousse Peony reveals a striking presence in gardens due to its unique growing characteristics.

  • First, it proudly stands as a tall plant with strong stems. This height and strength give it an edge over many garden plants.
  • Its dark green leaves boast a fine cut, enhancing the visual charm of this peony type.
  • Unlike some flower species, Albert Crousse Peony isn’t a one-and-done bloomer. It impresses with profuse blooming, outdoing itself by producing numerous flowers each season.
  • The Albert Crousse Peony features an intriguing ball – like and compact flower structure that draws attention in any setting.
  • Its smooth and incurved guards rounded at the center reveal an aesthetic sophistication of its own breed.
  • The double flowers come in a delicate light pink color, accompanied by creamy white overtones that add to its overall allure.
  • Adding to this impressive list is the fact that it doesn’t only possess strong stems but good foliage too.

Benefits of Growing Albert Crousse Peony

Woman holds bouquet of peonies in blooming garden with different people.

The Albert Crousse Peony offers the benefits of profuse blooming, strong stems, and a delightful fragrance for both cut flower cultivation and garden enjoyment.

Profuse blooming

The Albert Crousse peony is renowned for its profuse blooming. This beautiful flower bursts forth with an abundance of blossoms, making it a sight to behold in any garden. With its fully-double flowers and smooth, incurved guards, the Albert Crousse peony creates an impressive display that will leave you in awe.

Whether you plant it as a centerpiece or use it for cut flower arrangements, this peony’s prolific blooming is sure to bring joy and beauty to your space.

Strong stems

Albert Crousse peony is known for its strong stems, which play a key role in supporting the weight of its beautiful flowers. The stems are robust and sturdy, helping the plant to maintain an upright posture even when fully bloomed.

These strong stems are mottled with red, adding an interesting touch to the overall appearance of the peony. With their ability to withstand wind and rain, these sturdy stems ensure that the flowers remain proudly displayed in all their glory throughout the blooming season.

This makes Albert Crousse peony a reliable choice for gardens or cut flower cultivation where drooping or wilting would be undesirable.


The fragrance of the Albert Crousse Peony is one of its notable features. The large flowers emit a pleasant scent that adds to the overall appeal of this peony variety. While there is no specific data available on the exact scent or notes of the fragrance, it is well-regarded among gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike.

Whether used in bouquets or enjoyed in gardens, the intoxicating aroma of Albert Crousse Peony enhances any space. Its fragrance remains unaffected by the plant’s susceptibility to wilting fungus, making it a reliable choice for those seeking both beauty and scent in their floral displays.

Suitable for cut flower cultivation and gardens

Albert Crousse peony is truly a versatile flower, perfect for both cut flower cultivation and gardens. Its stunning pink blooms are not only beautiful to look at but also have a long vase life, making them ideal for floral arrangements.

The strong stems of the Albert Crousse peony ensure that the flowers remain upright and don’t droop over time. Additionally, this variety has a delightful fragrance that adds an extra touch of elegance to any space it’s placed in.

Whether you’re looking to add color and charm to your garden or create breathtaking arrangements, Albert Crousse peony is an excellent choice.

Where to Find Albert Crousse Peony

You can purchase Albert Crousse Peony at Peony Shop Holland or other nurseries and online retailers.

Peony Shop Holland

Peony Shop Holland is the go-to destination for those looking to find Albert Crousse Peony. They have a wide selection of peonies, including the sought-after Albert Crousse variety.

With their expertise in peony cultivation, Peony Shop Holland offers top-quality roots for sale, ensuring that you can grow your own stunning Albert Crousse Peonies with ease. Known for their diverse range of peonies and excellent customer service, Peony Shop Holland is a trusted source for all your peony needs.

Green Works is another reliable option where you can find Albert Crousse Peony. This reputable nursery also provides access to this beautiful flower so that you can add it to your garden or cut flower arrangements.

Other nurseries or online retailers

Peony enthusiasts looking to find the beautiful Albert Crousse Peony can explore a variety of options beyond Peony Shop Holland and Green Works. There are several other nurseries and online retailers that offer this sought-after flower.

By doing a quick search, you’ll discover a range of choices where you can purchase the Albert Crousse Peony, allowing you to bring its elegance and charm into your own garden or floral arrangements.


Overall, Albert Crousse Peony is a stunning late blooming variety that offers a profusion of beautiful double flowers in shades of pink. With its strong stems and delightful fragrance, it is suitable for both cut flower cultivation and gardens.

Whether you’re a peony enthusiast or simply looking to add some elegance to your flower borders, Albert Crousse Peony is definitely worth considering. So why not give this charming peony a try and enjoy its beauty in your own garden?.


1. What is an Albert Crousse Peony?

An Albert Crousse Peony is a type of peony flower that was bred by French horticulturist Victor Lemoine in the late 19th century. It is known for its large, double flowers with beautiful shades of pink and fragrant scent.

2. How do I care for an Albert Crousse Peony?

To care for an Albert Crousse Peony, plant it in well-draining soil in a location that receives full sun or partial shade. Water regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Provide support such as stakes or cages to prevent the heavy blooms from drooping.

3. When does the Albert Crousse Peony bloom?

The Albert Crousse Peony typically blooms in late spring to early summer, usually around May or June depending on your climate zone. The exact timing may vary slightly each year.

4. Can I grow an Albert Crousse Peony in a pot or container?

While it’s possible to grow an Albert Crousse Peony in a pot or container, it’s generally recommended to plant them directly in the ground as they prefer a deeper and more stable root system for optimal growth and blooming performance.

5. What makes the paeonia Albert Crousse stand out in a garden?

A: Albert Crousse is a late bloomer in the world of paeonia lactiflora. It is a profuse bloomer and reveals its shell pink flowers around 1893. This majestic peony variety is mildly fragrant, with strong stems and good foliage which makes it a stunning addition to any garden and indeed, one of the best late peonies to have. Its unique features make it stand out amongst other varieties.

6. Where and when can I shop for this variety of paeonia lactiflora?

A: Peony roots of the Albert Crousse variety are usually available in the market by late fall. It’s best to keep an eye out for them at garden stores or online websites so you can snag one before they get sold out!

7. What’s distinctive about the flower structure of this mildly fragrant peony variety?

A: The Albert Crousse paeonia is famous for its incurved guards and a rounded center of rather narrow petals, giving it a unique and compact look. This design is indeed different from the typical open-centered flower structure seen in most other peonies.

8. What should I expect from the size and color of Paeonia Albert Crousse?

A: Expect nothing less than elegance! The Albert Crousse can produce flowers up to 6 inches in size. It carries beautiful and unique peonies like a wave of fresh and similar shell pink flowers. Truly, a sight to see!

9. Can Albert Crousse peony thrive in my garden?

A: The paeonia Albert Crousse is not picky! It has strong stems and good foliage, which helps it to flourish in almost all types of soil. Therefore, it is likely to touch your heart with its elegance in your garden.

10. Who discovered this unique peony, and why is it named Albert Crousse?

A: This unique peony was discovered by Mr. Marie Crousse, a renowned peony breeder in France. He chose to honor his father, Albert Crousse, hence the name Paeonia Albert Crousse. Quite touching, isn’t it.

11. Is the Paeonia Albert Crousse scent strong?

A: No, Albert Crousse is only mildly fragrant. But its soft, pleasant scent can certainly add a sweet touch to your garden.

12. How many petals does the Albert Crousse Peony have?

A: The Albert Crousse peony is admired for its rounded center of rather narrow petals. Although the exact number can vary, you can expect to see an abundant bloom that is nothing short of enchanting.

13. How can I ensure the best bloom from my Albert Crousse Peonies?

A: Albert Crousse Peonies are low-maintenance but love sun exposure. They require a minimum of six hours of sunlight for the best blooms. Just ensure you plant the peony roots in well-drained soil, and you’re all set!

14. What makes the Albert Crousse Peony so irresistible?

A: It’s quite simple really. The Albert Crousse is a peony with beautiful shell pink flowers that bring a charming freshness to any garden. Its strong stems and good foliage make it a sturdy variety that’s easy to care for, and its subtle fragrance adds a final touch of magic. No wonder it’s seen as one of the most irresistible peonies you can select!

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