This Rare Allan Rogers Peony Will Make Your Garden the Envy of the Neighborhood

Allan Rogers Peony

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Do you wish your garden had a late blooming beauty that adds charm even towards the end of season? Meet Allan Rogers Peony, loved globally for its full double white flowers and captivating fragrance.

This blog is all set to introduce you to this remarkable peony variety – detailing its unique characteristics, origin, availability and rave reviews it garners from gardening enthusiasts just like us! Stay tuned – we promise enchanting peony tales ahead!

Key Takeaways

  • The Allan Rogers Peony is a late blooming white variety with full double flowers and pure white petals. It blooms in early to mid-spring, standing defiant through rain or harsh sun.
  • This peony has compact plants with upright growth, reaching up to 24 inches high. Its sturdy stems provide architectural interest while maintaining its upright posture.
  • The Allan Rogers Peony emits a delightful fragrance that fills the air. Its fragrant blooms and vibrant green leaves create an enchanting display in any garden.
  • Developed by Seidl/Wierstra in 2008, the Allan Rogers Peony is now available for purchase online from in the USA. Other related peonies include Sarah Bernhardt, Bowl of Cream, Festiva Maxima, Shirley Temple, and Bartzella.

Description and Characteristics of Allan Rogers Peony

Photorealistic photography of a vibrant peony among diverse flowers in a garden.

The Allan Rogers Peony is a late blooming white beauty with full double flowers and pure white petals.

Late blooming white beauty

As a late bloomer, the Allan Rogers Peony burst into full bloom in early to mid-spring. Its pure white petals unfurl like fragments of snow, capturing the essence of pristine beauty.

Despite days of rain or harsh sun, these compact plants stand defiant and upright – a testament to their hardiness. The large flowers have a nicely-packed whorl of rounded petals that exude a sense of serenity and elegance.

And let’s not forget about its fragrance – it fills the air with an intoxicating sweet scent that adds another layer to its allure.

Full double flowers with pure white petals

The Allan Rogers peony boasts full double flowers adorned with pure white petals. Being a snow-white variety, these exquisite blooms start off as blush but gracefully fade to an immaculate shade of pure white as they mature.

The generously layered petals are enchantingly attractive and create a luxurious display, only enhanced by the large size of each individual blossom.

The radiant elegance of its double flowers isn’t just evident from afar; up close one can see the intricate details held in every petal. The vibrant green leaves provide a superb backdrop, making the pristine beauty of the Allan Rogers peony stand out even more.

With such refined beauty and striking allure, it’s easy to understand why this peony is beloved among gardeners and floral enthusiasts alike.

Compact plants with upright growth

Allan Rogers peony boasts a compact growth habit and robust upright forms that enjoy universal admiration among garden enthusiasts. These plants stand tall through the stormiest weather, occupying the front borders of floral landscapes with grace and resilience.

Their self-supporting stems usually need minimal assistance to maintain their upright posture even in mildly adverse situations. Amidst other fast-growing herbaceous perennials, Allan Rogers peony distinguishes itself with sturdy stems reaching up to 24 inches high, undeterred by rainfall.

This unique quality ensures perpetual freshness for its blossoming flowers while adding architectural interest to your garden designs.

Fragrant blooms

Allan Rogers peonies are not just a visual delight, but they also have an enchanting scent that will captivate your senses. The fragrant blooms of these peonies are highly treasured by gardeners and praised for their intoxicating perfume.

Each flower is filled with double petals that are pure white in color, creating a stunning contrast against the dark green foliage. As you walk through your garden, the delightful fragrance of Allan Rogers peonies will fill the air, making it a truly sensory experience.

Origin and Availability of Allan Rogers Peony

Developed by Seidl/Wierstra in 2008, Allan Rogers Peony is now available for purchase. Discover its origin and explore related peony varieties. Intrigued? Keep reading!

Developed by Seidl/Wierstra in 2008

Seidl/Wierstra introduced the Allan Rogers peony in 2008, bringing a captivating addition to the world of peonies. This exquisite variety showcases their expertise in breeding and development.

With its late blooming season, compact growth, and fragrant white blossoms, the Allan Rogers peony quickly gained popularity among garden enthusiasts. Its creation by Seidl/Wierstra demonstrates their commitment to producing stunning floral specimens that bring joy and beauty to gardens worldwide.

Available for purchase

‘Allan Rogers’ peony is a highly sought-after flower that can be purchased from Peony Nursery Peony Shop Holland. Developed by Seidl/Wierstra in 2008, this late blooming white beauty features full double flowers with pure white petals and emits a delightful fragrance.

The compact plants grow upright, making them perfect for smaller garden spaces. Although currently sold out at Peony Nursery Peony Shop Holland, ‘Allan Rogers’ peony is available for purchase online in the USA from

Don’t miss your chance to add this exquisite peony variety to your garden!

Related peony varieties

Allan Rogers Peony is part of the Lactiflora group, which includes other beautiful peony varieties. Here are some related peony varieties to consider:

  1. Sarah Bernhardt: A classic and popular peony variety with large, fragrant, pink flowers.
  2. Bowl of Cream: Known for its creamy white blooms with a subtle hint of yellow in the center.
  3. Festiva Maxima: One of the oldest and most loved peonies, featuring large white flowers with crimson flecks.
  4. Shirley Temple: Named after the famous child actress, this peony variety has delicate blush pink blooms.
  5. Bartzella: A stunning intersectional peony with lemon yellow flowers and a unique fragrance.

Reviews and Recommendations for Allan Rogers Peony

Peony enthusiasts have raved about the stunning beauty and fragrance of Allan Rogers Peony, praising its full double flowers and compact growth.

Peony enthusiasts’ opinions

Peony enthusiasts rave about Allan Rogers Peony for its stunning beauty and captivating presence in the garden. They appreciate the late blooming nature of this variety, as it adds a touch of elegance to their landscapes when other flowers have faded.

The full double flowers with pure white petals are particularly beloved, creating a striking contrast against green foliage. Gardeners also praise the compact plants with upright growth, making them easy to fit into both smaller gardens and larger landscapes.

But what truly delights peony lovers is the intoxicating fragrance that emanates from these blooms, filling the air with a sweet and alluring scent.

Benefits and features praised by reviewers

Reviewers have praised the benefits and features of Allan Rogers Peony, including:

  • Enchantingly attractive double flowers
  • Sturdy stems and deep green leaves
  • Huge and softly fragrant blooms
  • Well – clad in attractive deep green foliage
  • Longevity, lush foliage, rich fragrance, and landscape uses

Conclusion and Additional Resources

In conclusion, the Allan Rogers peony is a stunning late-blooming white beauty that deserves a place in any garden. With its full double flowers, compact growth, and fragrant blooms, it adds elegance and charm to any landscape.

If you’re interested in adding this peony to your collection or learning more about peonies in general, consider joining the American Peony Society and exploring other peony varieties and resources available.

Joining the American Peony Society

To take your love for peonies to the next level, consider joining the American Peony Society. This dedicated group was founded by Allan Rogers himself, with a mission to bring together peony enthusiasts and share knowledge about these beautiful flowers.

By becoming a member, you can connect with fellow peony lovers, access valuable resources like their comprehensive reference book on peony breeding, and stay updated on the latest developments in peony cultivation.

The society is a thriving community where you can expand your understanding of peonies and showcase your passion for these stunning blooms.

Exploring more peony varieties and information

Explore the world of peonies and discover a wide array of varieties and information to satisfy your floral curiosity. From vibrant colors to delicate fragrances, peonies offer endless possibilities for garden enthusiasts and flower lovers alike.

Dive into the beauty of different peony cultivars, each with its own unique characteristics and charm. Discover stunning blooms in shades of pink, red, white, and even coral. Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultivation techniques that make these flowers so beloved by horticulturists worldwide.

Expand your knowledge of peony care, propagation methods, and best practices for creating an eye-catching display that will have your neighbors green with envy.

Unearth lesser-known gems like Allan Rogers Peony or dive deeper into popular favorites such as Festiva Maxima or Sarah Bernhardt. With countless resources available online and through gardening communities like the American Peony Society, you can indulge your passion for these enchanting blossoms while learning from experienced growers who have dedicated their lives to perfecting this age-old craft.


1. What is an Allan Rogers Peony?

A: An Allan Rogers Peony is a specific type of peony flower that was developed by the breeder Allan Rogers. It is known for its large, double flowers and vibrant colors.

2. How do I care for an Allan Rogers Peony?

A: To care for an Allan Rogers Peony, plant it in well-draining soil in a sunny location. Water regularly but avoid overwatering. Deadhead spent blooms and provide support, such as stakes or cages, to prevent the heavy flowers from drooping.

3. Can I grow Allan Rogers Peonies in containers?

A: Yes, it is possible to grow Allan Rogers Peonies in containers as long as the container is large enough to accommodate their root system and drainage holes are provided to prevent waterlogging.

4. When do Allan Rogers Peonies bloom?

A: Allan Rogers Peonies typically bloom in late spring to early summer, depending on your climate and growing conditions. The exact timing may vary slightly each year.

5. What is this fantastic paeonia Allan Rogers, and what sets it apart?

A: The paeonia Allan Rogers, also known as the paeonia x lactiflora, is an elegant peony bred by legendary peony grower and author, Allan Rogers. It’s quite compact and is so sturdy that the flowers will remain upright even after days of rain. What truly sets it apart, however, is that it’s packed with pure white petals, making it an excellent white-flowered selection for any garden.

6. How do I best select and grow paeonia Allan Rogers in my garden?

A: It’s all about location and care. Paeonia Allan Rogers prefers full sun but can tolerate a bit of shade. You want to select a place that’s in full sun and drains well. When planting, don’t bury too deeply, as this can prevent the peony from blooming. The top of the root should be no more than 5 centimeters below the ground surface.

7. What’s the height and bloom time for this lactiflora?

A: This paeonia x lactiflora Allan Rogers is medium in height, making it perfect for both small and large gardens. It’s bloom time is mid-season. Perfect timing to add that pop of white to your summer garden!

8. I’m new to peony growing, does this particular type require an expert?

A: Not at all! Paeonia Allan Rogers is excellent for beginners. It’s quite compact and sturdy, the flowers remain upright, and it’s not overly fussy about its growing conditions. With just a little care, your paeonia Allan Rogers will thrive.

9. Can I buy this paeonia x lactiflora flower at any shop?

A: You won’t find this rare Allan Rogers Peony in just any shop. It’s available for sale from select quality peony farms. It’s always a good idea to read customer reviews and select a reputable peony grower.

10. What kind of care should I provide after the flowers open?

A: After your Paeonia Allan Rogers blooms, continue to water thoroughly, especially during dry spells. Deadhead the flowers as they fade to keep the plant looking its best. However, remember that the flowers will remain upright even after days of rain.

11. Can I get this peony shipped to me?

A: Yes, many quality peony farms do offer shipping for their peonies, even this rare Allan Rogers peony. Just check their shipping and export terms before purchasing.

12. When will I see these Allan Rogers peonies bloom?

A: While exact bloom time can vary depending on your location and weather, you can expect these Allan Rogers peonies to bloom in mid-season. And keep in mind, it’s always worth the wait, as these white peonies are truly breathtaking.

13. Why should I choose this lactiflora for my garden?

A: Paeonia Allan Rogers is one legendary peony cultivar! The plant is quite compact and sturdy, and the flowers will remain upright in all sorts of weather conditions. Plus, the pure white, fully-double flowers are simply striking, perfect for transforming your garden into an envy of the neighborhood.

14. I want more! How do I get in touch to procure more than one Allan Rogers peony?

A: You can check with the farms selling these quality peonies. Note that there may be a limit due to its rarity. So, act fast if you see them on sale!

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